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Information 技术

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The University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown maintains an extensive information technology infrastructure to ensure access to state-of-the-art technology for all members of the campus community in computer laboratories, 教室, 和办公室. 凯时登录 Information 技术 is comprised of five specialty units providing these services: Information Systems, 收发室, Printing Services, Technical Services, and 用户服务.

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Information Systems

Information Systems staff work with various data systems to support academic and business operations and provide enhanced online services for 凯时登录 students, 教师 and staff. 


收发室 provides limited post office services for students, 教师, and staff. 

Printing Services

The Print Shop provides limited printing services for 教师, and staff. 

Technical Services

Technical Services supports the hardware and system components of the campus technology including computers, telephones and the campus wired and wireless network.


用户服务 is responsible to students, 教师, and staff for direct customer support and facilities operations.

Resources, Guides and Instructions

The University provides wireless and wired network access to University students, 教师, and staff.  The service is fast, secure, easy-to-use. The following resources provide details for these network services.

凯时登录 Specific Documents Pitt Generic Documents Pitt Network Documents
Connecting to 凯时登录 ResNet Computer Purchase Program Connecting to PittNet 
Information 技术 Guide Pitt IT Virtual Lab Connecting to Wireless PittNet
Connecting to PHILO Streaming TV Email and Accounts Information Multi Factor Authentication
校园工作 Student Software Program Connecting Game Consoles to ResNet
  Recommended Computer Security Connecting Tablets and Phones to Wireless Pittnet
  The MyPitt Portal