The 选择项目 is the University of Pittsburgh's response to the increasing number of highly qualified students who seek admission.

As Pitt's reputation continues to grow, so does the volume of their applications. 不幸的是, they have a limited number of spaces at the Pittsburgh campus and they find that they can不 accommodate all students who apply. For students whose academic profile suggests they could benefit from the University's educational philosophy, 的优势, 和声誉, the 招生 Committee may offer admission to one of the four regional campuses. 同样的理念, 的优势 and international reputation are also available at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, 格林斯堡, 约翰斯敦和泰特斯维尔.

If you have received an Option Program letter for 凯时登录, congratulations on your admission!


学生 typically apply directly to the University of Pittsburgh campus of their choice. 然而, some academically qualified students do 不 gain admission to their first choice of campus due to the level of academic competition. The University may then offer admission to a regional campus to many of these students who possess an acceptable academic profile.

For students who are 不 admissible to the Pittsburgh campus but rank their campus choices on the Pittsburgh campus admissions application, the committee will review the applicant for admission to a不her University of Pittsburgh campus according to their preference. 视资格而定, 这可能会导致第二所大学的录取通知, 第三, 或者排名第四的校园.

对于有兴趣的学生  对他们喜欢的学校进行排名, the committee will make the best choice possible for the student based on their qualifications and intended academic goal. 学生 will be contacted by the university campus where they qualify for admission following their initial 不ification of an Options decision by the Pittsburgh campus.

一旦提供了一个选择, students are encouraged to explore both what is specific to that campus in the way of setting and programs, and in what ways major university resources are shared throughout this unique system.


The University of Pittsburgh and its regional campuses—specifically its largest and oldest, 皮特和约翰斯顿都有这些区别:


For more than two hundred years the University of Pittsburgh has grown and prospered. 我们现在是全国顶尖的研究机构之一. 我们是世界著名的大学, 一个主要的教学中心, research and medicine; the degrees that we confer, 在所有五个校区提供, 把这种认知带在身边.


我们对匹兹堡大学的优秀教学进行奖励和奖励. Each campus boasts recipients of the Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award. Each campus offers a wide array of academic support services to help insure the successful completion of your studies. 你的成功在很大程度上就是我们的成功. Just as you have an academic track record spanning twelve or so years of schooling, 我们有自己的, 跨越两个多世纪的成功教学.


供学生申请高年级, professional programs on the Pittsburgh campus at the junior year level. 这包括教育学院, 健康与康复科学, 信息科学, 药店, 及社会工作. But we also provide opportunities for educational and career-related experiences outside the classroom and in the community that will help give you an edge, 领先一步, 在你的职业生涯中. 实习, 领导机会, 研究的可能性, and volunteer work are available and encouraged at all of our campuses.


A wide range of University-sponsored extracurricular activities is offered at all of our campuses. 其中包括教育讲座, 舞蹈, 系列电影, 音乐会, 音乐及文化作品, 还有更多. Some of these activities by their very nature are going to be specific to a particular campus, but every campus offers a full array of possibilities that cater to almost every style and taste. 除了, each campus offers unlimited opportunities for leadership and works with interested students in developing their leadership potential for the college years and beyond.


The University Library System is the 26th-largest academic research library in all of North America and the 16th-largest among the prestigious public libraries of the Association of American Universities. 它提供一系列创新的、世界级的服务. All students at the University have ready access via a shared online catalog, PITTCAT, 到大学的28个图书馆和馆藏,其中有5个.600万册,59,000种期刊. 学生 at any Pitt campus may borrow all of these materials directly or through intercampus loan. 除了, 大学庞大的数字数据库图书馆, 电子期刊, 电子书可通过皮特网络获得.


From maintaining the University's extensive network of wired and wireless Internet connections, 提供低成本的软件和技术支持, Computing Services and Systems Development is Pitt's one-stop source for information technology solutions. 学生可以使用许多软件应用程序, 多种操作系统, 以及软件/硬件支持和服务. The University's Network (PittNet) provides access to the World Wide Web, 电子邮件服务, 图书馆资源, 课程时间表, 成绩, 以及账单信息.


大学学生就业办公室的服务 & 毕业前后的就业援助(SEPA), 包括访问未来链接, a computerized database that enables all students to place their resumes in resume books for employment review. 每天,雇主都会在“未来链接”上发布凯时登录,供学生参考.


A full range of intercollegiate athletic opportunities is offered at each of our five campuses. 而匹兹堡校区是NCAA一级赛区的一员, 其他校区是NCAA第二赛区的成员(约翰斯敦), NCAA第三组(布拉德福德-格林斯堡), 或USCAA(泰特斯维尔). 除了, 每个校区都提供多种健身设施, 娱乐, 还有校内运动, which take advantage of the specific outdoor attributes of each campus setting


Incorporating a study abroad experience is strongly recommended for any student at the University of Pittsburgh, 无论专业还是外语能力. 作为世界一流大学, Pitt has relationships with many excellent universities around the world and offers students 在所有五个校区 the opportunity to live and study in a foreign country, 同时获得匹兹堡大学学位的学分. Each year, hundreds of Pitt students from all campuses participate in study abroad.


Internship opportunities (both credit and non-credit) are provided for students, 根据专业和学生兴趣水平而定, 在所有五个校区.