Ginger, the dog actor, has appeared in shows like Seinfeld and Murphy Brown
Show me Ginger, Actress Dog's, list of more than 75 behaviorsShow me Ginger, Actress Dog's, portfolio
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Some of Ginger's behaviors - Call us at (310) 391-8577 for her scheduleAt eight weeks of age, Ginger began her training. Rapidly, she mastered basic and advanced dog obedience and started trick training before one year of age. For the next several years she underwent intensive training to learn the more than 100 behaviors she performs today. She is the only known dog actor who can put a coin in a piggy bank. (She performed this on "Pet Star" and "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno.)

Ginger, one of the most famous Hollywood movie animals, has been a featured animal actor on "Murphy Brown" as "Ginger" jumping over Candice Bergen, two episodes of "Seinfeld", the Today Show and numerous other television shows, and feature film appearances as a movie dog. She has appeared in commercials for Friskies, GM Trucks, AT&T and Outback Steakhouse, as well as live performances for Animal Planet Expo, Macy's/New York, and Nordstrom.

When she's not acting, she visits patients at UCLA Medical Center as part of the PAC (People Animal Connection) Program, hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains and accompanies her owner on horseback.

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Ginger the dog actor travels to NY to do a live appearance at Macy's
Macy's 2002 Pet-Acular Show


NYPD and FDNY members meet Hollywood animal Ginger
Ginger meets members of the NYPD and FDNY


Even dog actors get their own trailers!
5 minutes, Miss Ginger!



Ginger performs pet tricks at a live show at Macy's NY
Ginger rehearses for the 2002 Macy's Pet-Acular Show


For more information on GINGER, contact owner/trainer:

Michele Boardman
Phone: (310) 391-8577

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Ginger is a red merle Australian Shepherd. For more information
on this breed, please contact Moonlight Australian Shepherds

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